The Huntress Goes to Hustler Boardshop

This year I've decided to focus on my time with my family, to be adventurous and try new things. I also am aiming to be more intentional about where my family invests our money and the kinds of businesses we support. One of the businesses that I feel I HAVE to mention goes along with all of that, they support our happy healthy family and provide so much knowledge about the sport, that everytime we go in we leave with a little lesson on something we needed to know. 

Yesterday, after a few weeks of looking and researching we went in to Hustler Boardsports on Kerr Street in Oakville. I went in with my husband who has been snowboarding for years, my daughter who got hers at Christmas and my 3 year son who was just happy to spin around in their chairs. 

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted with a smile by a guy working there. And within a minute or two of looking around, Jos was right there sorting me out. He started with asking what type of riding I did, and how serious I wanted to get in the sport. Within seconds he knew which boards to pull and showed me 3 different boards in different price ranges and went through the pros and cons of each. As we were looking at those, he brought up a few pairs of boots for me to try on and walk around in to make sure whatever I got fit perfectly. 

While going through this boot trial, we narrowed the board choice down and I was amazed by how honest he was with what I actually needed. He made sure that the board we got was the best suited for what I actually needed (rather than just the newest, fanciest, most expensive one). It honestly didn't even feel like "shopping", it was like going to get my hair done, when you just throw all your trust in the business owner and know you'll come out looking fantastic. 

In the end, I left with a gorgeous Capita board, bindings and the comfiest of boots. At one point we mentioned that we were planning on going boarding right away, so he checked my stance and installed everything right there for me. He also gave us a few different package breakdowns depending on binding choices, and boots (last year's vs. this year's) so that we could make sure it matched our budget. And to make it even more awesome, all this happened while a 10 year old looked around, and a 3 year old asked him a billion questions and touched EVERYTHING.  Josh was super patient, knowledgeable and honestly one of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of purchasing things from. 

This type of service is rare now a days, especially when we are all so quick to jump in to things, get the best deal and deal with the least amount of people. I know there is a lot of talk about just purchasing things online, but in this case, I saved money and left feeling wayyyyy more confident in my purchase by going in (though they do sell everything online as well). This type of service is why we have such loyalty to this place. Our little family of four leads a pretty active life, I have a husband that has never grown out of board sports, a daughter who has caught that same passion and a son who is well on his way there. It's only natural that I use my love of adventure to spend more time with the people I love most and Hustler has been the place that equips us for those adventures. 

In the past 4 years that we have lived here, we have had the same amazing support through the purchase of 4 longboards, 2 snowboards, boots, bindings, wheels, barings, retapings, sharpenings and general questions (Google has nothing on the knowledge of their staff), it also helps that it's just down the street and we don't need to even take the car. 

The real benefit to the awesome service, was the speed at which Olivia and I could go and get out on the hill (It was a bunny hill, but where else do you learn cool new hobbies?) All in all, this has been and will continue to be our place for all things boarding. We will continue to recommend them and support them because that's what you do when you find an amazing local business. 

So if you longboard, skateboard, snowboard, want to learn, (or wear shoes) this is the place to go, and I am fully happy to recommend it! Josh is great, his staff are great and their knowledge continues to blow my mind and inspire new adventures! 
You can find them online at or on Facebook or Instagram.

Disclaimer: This post is in no way paid for or sponsored by Hustler Boardsports. All opinions/recommendations are entirely my own and made without any sort of payment.