As some of you know, last week I tackled a HUGE thing. I finally (after many months of winging it) nailed down my business growth strategy for 2019!!!!

Now this shouldn’t be a surprise, right? “Of course I have a strategy!” I mean, I’m an award winning designer and run a group that encourages small business owners to get their shit together. But for the first year of business, my strategy has been just “take what comes and do a hella good job with it” AND GUYS! THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH!



Last week after some serious thought into how I wanted to tackle 2019, I spent a week with Jillian from Hijinx Strategies doing BLISS PLANNING! BLISS (Business & Life Inevitable Success Strategy) is the planning system giving life back to small businesses & entrepreneurs (because who doesn’t want their life planned into their business and their business planned into their life?!)

Over 5 days, we clarified the core of my business, got super dirty and nerdy with my numbers, and then started cutting through all the bullshit, lies and stereotypes I held for my business (and myself!). I made financial goals, growth goals, and life goals, which let’s be real, is super fun (and challenging) to do.

The giant game changer for me was having spent a week with other business women who are all finally giving themselves permission to crush their business goals for 2019. I have always loved my business, I have always wanted it to succeed, but I have always told myself “well, after my kids are grown, I’ll grow it” or “but I can’t because x, y and z” THESE EXCUSES ARE JUST THAT, and so I spent a week telling that inner voice (she’s a b*tch) to shut up, while I built a solid strategy, that is not only goal oriented but actually achievable. 2019 has no idea what is coming for it!


To top it all off, my week brought even more proof that I was on the right track. I had longtime clients re-book giant projects that they had previously taken somewhere else in hopes of a lower ballpark, I made it to the next round of interviews for the Young Entrepreneur of The Year, and I was nominated again for 2 Burlington Readers’ Choice Awards (Graphic Design and Business Advisory) TALK ABOUT A FREAKING GREAT WEEK!

If you have a business, you know it needs to grow (and you do to!) You owe it to yourself to have a chat with Jillian and start putting your happiness, your business, and your life into a strategy that will help you grow. Be selfish, do something for you (and your business baby.) AND IF YOU’RE REALLY LUCKY YOU WILL HAVE PAJAMA DAY TOO!


And if you want to save some of those, SHE GAVE ME A PROMO CODE TO SHARE! You can save $1200 off the JANUARY BLISS SESSION (which only has a few spots left!)