18 Days of Intention (and I'm just getting started!)

So if you hang out on Instagram with me, you will have noticed that we recently finished an 18 Intentions challenge. Each day there was a new task or topic that I asked you to be intentional about in 2018. Guys, I WAS AMAZED! The type of things that you are all aiming to change and improve in 2018 is hugely impactful. Some of you are aiming to travel and enjoy life more, spend more time with the people you love and some of you are finally making the leap into full time entrepreneurship! <3 I honestly couldn't keep up with how inspiring and motivating you all were! 

Check out some of the highlights and if you really want to see how amazing this community is, read some of the comments. 

The important thing for me with this challenge was to also challenge myself. When I was planning this challenge, I was really being rather selfish, in that I was listing things that I knew I needed to be intentional about in 2018. This year, my son starts kindergarten, my daughter will go off to middle school, I have a growing business, a supportive husband, and a thriving small business community. These things all give me different aspects of my life that need to be nurtured, encouraged and intentionally focused on so I can watch them flourish.


Last week, we had our first Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario Meet + Mingle, and I got fired up! There is nothing that gets me lit up like listening to passionate entrepreneurs talk about their business, and get ready to invest in themselves with time and effort (and yes, sometimes branding and business cards). 

While running on that high note from our challenge, I am hosting my first Intentional Marketing small group! I am having a few small business owners for snacks and success planning for 2018, we will be looking at our marketing strategies for 2018, our branding, markets and how we can creatively differ ourselves from competition. 

If you want in on the next one, click the button and I'll keep you posted on it! <3 I am also hosting our next Meet + Mingle at Styled Lounge on February 21st, which is open to all members of the Small Business Owners of Souther Ontario Group! 

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